14 – 17 september 2017 2017 World Congress on Liposuction “The Magic of Fat”
Session Director “Advanced Liposuction”
Lezingen drs. L. Habbema over:
1. Liposuction in Lipedema versus Non-lipedema: What is the difference?
2. Female Breast Reduction by Liposuction Using Tumescent Local Anesthesia and Powered Canules

1 – 3 september 2017 6th International Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery Symposium India
Lezingen drs. L. Habbema over:
1. Liposuction
2. Lipedema

9 – 10 juni 2017 1ste International Lipedema Congress Vienna
Lezingen drs. L. Habbema over:
1. Clinical characteristics of lipedema
2. TLA and lipedema therapy
3. Differente liposuction in aesthetic indications and lipedema
4. Male lipedema
5. Power LTA versus Wasserjet

16 – 18 februari 2017 Cosmexchange, Trieste.
Lezingen drs. L. Habbema over:
1. Breast reshaping with lipo-sculpturing techniques.

30 november–4 december 2016 13th International Darmstadt Live Symposium for Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgery
Lezingen door drs. L Habbema over:
1. Live surgery: Water assisted liposuction in comparison with powered liposuction with vibrating cannulas
2. Lecture: liposuction in special areas
3. Live surgery: Liposuction in Tumescence Technique
4. Live operation: Botulinum Toxin for body contouring

28 september–2 oktober 2016 EADV – Vienna – 25ht EADV Annual Meeting
Lezingen door drs. L Habbema over:
1. Liposuction for improvement of the neck and jawline
2. The place of non-invasive fat reduction

15-17 september 2016 ISDS 37th Annual Meeting – Amsterdam
Congress President
Lezingen door drs. L Habbema over:
1. Living anatomy for BTX-A in the face
2. Liposuction of the lipedema versus non-lipedema patient: what is the difference
3. Goldstandard for liposuction
4. Complications with liposuction
5. Breast reduction with liposuction

30 juni-2 juli 2016 Erasmus Aesthetics – Rotterdam
Lezingen door drs. L. Habbema over:
1. De plaats van niet-invasieve (sub)cutanea vetreductie
2. Contourverbetering van de kaaklijn en hals
3. Live demonstratie injectables

22-25 juni WAOCS – Velden (Oostenrijk) Annual Meeting 2016
Lezingen door drs. L. Habbema over:
1. The importance of Tumescence for Liposuction
2. Conservative and Surgical regime in Lipedema
3. Liposuction of the female breast in a human cadaver: Anatomical findings

11 juni 2016 NL Net Support-groep – Utrecht www.lymfoedeem.nl/lipoedeem/
Lipoedeem en liposuctie

19-22 mei 2016 EADV – Athene 13th EADV Spring Symposium
Small volume liposuction

15-16 april 2016 Dermatologen in opleiding dagen – Amersfoort 
Een uitdagende introductie in de Cosmetische Dermatologie

4-8 maart 2016 AAD – Washington 74th Annual Meeting 
New areas in Liposuction Surgery

15-17 januari 2016 AACS Radstadt Kitchenmeeting 
Holländischen Richtlinien fur Lipödem behandlung und eigene Erfahrungen